Piano cottura Gas on Glass SemiFlush AEG HG694550XB

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Piano cottura Gas on Glass SemiFlush con 4 fuochi gas - Bruciatori Speed Burner - larghezza 60 cm

: HG694550XB
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Slim, sleek and 20% faster. The new AEG gas hob is faster in getting that right flavour. The speed burners in this hob gives you 20% more speed compared to a normal gas hob and the smooth surface fits perfectly in your kitchen design. Elegant integration With a sleek surface under the pan supports, and a stainless-steel frame surrounding the cooking area, this is a hob that instantly adds elegance. Plus it fits so well into your worktop, that it forms a single elegantly integrated surface. In short, it's a hob that deserves to be built into the most high-end work surface. New generation of Burners  The design of the speed burners in this AEG gas hob allows the flame to directly target the bottom of the pan, providing quicker heat and greater efficiency. These high speed burners get you cooking up to 20% faster. Piano cottura Gas on Glass 60 cm di larghezza 1 Bruciatore WOK 4 fuochi gas Bruciatori ad alta efficienza energetica Speed Burner Keep your pans steady and the heat in the right place Cast iron pan supports provide a robust, durable cooking support with a professional appearance Safe and long lasting, our cast-iron pan supports provide a robust cooking surface with a highly professional appearance. Your pots and pans will always have the support they require Keep cleaning simple Gas hobs has always been a hassle when it comes to cleaning. But with the glass surface on this AEG hob that is a thing of the past. If you spill while cooking you can just easily wipe it away without worrying about scratches and stains. So your hob will look good for longer. Bruciatore Wok  La potenza resa di 4,0 kW è la stessa delle cucine professionali e garantisce ridotti tempi di riscaldamento e massima uniformità di cottura. Ulteriori informazioni Accensione integrata nella manopola Sicurezza gas che interviene in caso di spegnimento accidentale della fiamma Griglie in ghisa ad alta stabilità OptiFit Frame - Cornice inox ribassata Estetica nera Specifiche tecniche Tipo di piano di cottura Gas Potenza sviluppata dal bruciatore anteriore sx (W) 3800W/122mm Potenza sviluppata dal bruciatore posteriore sx(W) 1900 Potenza sviluppata dal bruciatore anteriore dx (W) 1000 Potenza sviluppata dal bruciatore posteriore dx(W) 1900 Potenza sviluppata dal bruciatore (W) - Potenza sviluppata dal bruciatore centrale (W) - Dimensioni in Larghezza x Profondità in mm 576x516 Tensione (V) 220-240 1F Estetica Nero

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